Technology2Enjoy is the partner for Business Driven Technology Transformation

Our experience is based on combining our Business Process knowledge in many industries with Innovative Technology solutions to drive Business Value. By closing the gap between Business and IT we provide insight on how Innovative Technology becomes an exponential driver of business process efficiency/effectiveness.
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Make sure your IT landscape is ready for the future and capable of supporting your business needs:
Many organizations have difficulties to define their strategic roadmap. This based on the fact external influences change much faster than before. The question on how to become a flexible organization being able to react on these changes instantly, faster than your competition, becomes a more and more challenging question to answer.

In addition lot of new startups are much faster in getting started as many (technology related) services are readily available in the cloud and don’t need a lot of setup time. More and more these organizations go with the BPAAS-concept and only focus on their CORE processes.

Within our approach we take the Economic environment, Business Constraints, Leading practices and Technology Trends into consideration when defining the Strategic Business and IT Roadmap forward.

Getting more out of your ERP investment:
There are many reasons why applications don’t perform in an optimized manner. There are multiple ways to improve the use of these applications towards better performance. We are able to provide you with a detailed insight on your business and finance process performance and utilization of your SAP, Oracle or other ERP environment. Instant value creation!

Our extensive business process knowledge, our knowledge of your applications and our frameworks, can help you with an:
– Improvement roadmap
– Executable action plan
– Business case
for optimizing your applications, supporting your finance and business processes, as well as providing our customers with a lower TCO.

From start to finish:
With the extensive experience of our consultants and partners with many large global implementations and roll-outs of SAP, Oracle, OraclePeopleSoft, Anaplan and other ERP’s and/or applications, we can help you with your implementation or roll-out needed. Our experience has resulted in a large base of best practices enabling us to give you the best service, end to end.

We can offer:
– Blueprinting
– Template Realizations
– Professional Implementations
– Industrialized Roll-Outs
– Transformation roadmap from current to future solutions (eg SAP ECC to S/4 HANA)

Supported by common methodologies such as Agile/Scrum and SAP Activate we can help you getting towards a successful Go-live of your digital transformation roadmap.

Our pragmatic approach helps organizations innovate successfully:
The Agile/Scrum approach as well as adequate project- and program management, are the fundamentals to run an effective project towards successful results, reaching your business goals.
Our pragmatic way of working leads to immediate results, avoiding unnecessary complexity. We can help your organization with our highly qualified project-/program managers and certified scrum masters who understand your business and IT.

We are committed to deliver!


Optimize your organisations processes and SAP environment.


Optimize your finance processes with the newest ERP solutions. 

Augmented-, Virtual- & Mixed Realilty

Experience our new and improved world where virtual information is used daily to support organisations.