My ambition for Finance Consulting is to build a proposition which is full filling the need of Finance Consultants with excellent IT skills, that can serve our customers in making a bridge between Finance and IT.

Why choose T2En  

T2En is an of organization which has a major focus on IT is different areas, SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft and more. Combining these skills with thorough Finance knowledge makes a unique proposition in the current environment of Technology and Innovation.

Our most challenging assignment   

Currently we are working with a large international IT organization, 40+ Countries, for which the Finance Reporting is widely spread over the countries. We are currently supporting the Finance Director IT in creating a Control and Reporting Framework together with the implementation of a standard ERP-system. The in-dept knowledge of Finance and understanding the IT processes is a much appreciated added value that we as Finance Consulting are bringing to the customer. 

” With our focus area on Finance Consulting we offer a network of Finance consultants with excellent IT skills, bridging the gap between Finance and IT ”

Renaldo Walidin

Finance Consultancy Partner