I’m Mario Halfhide and joined T2En as Consulting Partner Supply Chain ManagementThe modern Supply Chain Business operating model is focused on increasing income by maximizing service to customers, cost-/risk reduction, E2E process and chain-oriented thinking (outside in) and the application of innovative technology. But also having the insights for continuous improvement of business processes and timely alerts to take the right decisions.  The realization of the modern thinking in Supply Chain Management: People, Processes and IT, is our ambition.

Why choose T2En  

Technology2Enjoy has a solid customer’s base, which will be developed further. There is already a huge knowledge base of experience in industries and methods of agile consulting. T2En is a consulting firm that realizes innovative technologies to support customers to develop their business processes to stay ahead of the competitors. Innovative technologies are amongst others AR/VR, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Robotics. The IT systems within SCM could be integrated with ERP, so that we could offer the customer integrated processes with integrated solutions. 

Our most challenging assignment

Our B2B customer delivers IT-software for the navigation of ships, in different countries. The components to assemble the software in the Netherlands and the UK, come from different countries. The software is distributed by making use of Distribution Centers in Europe, Asia and the US, to be able to deliver the software on time within budget.  Delays and other supply chain disruptions can get expensive.  Our customer requires a real-time overview of the status of each step in the supply chain process. If a carrier misses a pickup, notifies a pre-defined group of people – such as the carrier dispatcher and logistics planner, must be notified automatically. They can respond immediately by taking countermeasures to mitigate the disruption before it becomes a problem.  

Global Trade Management (Customs, Sanctions and Export Controls) is very important. Software must cover all the main elements of export controls – screening for critical business partners, country embargoes, critical goods, and critical end-use – and offers end-to-end integration into their processes and system environment. The complex process of classifying products must easily manage licenses, permits, calculation of customs-duties and providing documentation automatically.  

The supply chain processes must be executed smoothly, without disruptions. That is why the collaboration with business partners is essential. Not only contracts but also the supply chain processes and information sharing. Until last year the different departments in the enterprise were working very siloed with a lot of manual paperwork and excel sheets, which cost coordination time. That has to be changed. Our challenge is to integrate, improve and innovate business processes, IT systems and to lead transformation with the customer. 


” The modern supply chain process has a focus on the increase of revenue through increasing the quality of service, decreasing costs and risk, end-to-end thinking and implementing innovative technologies. Another important pillar, is the possibility to act faster on changes in order to take the right decision. ”

Mario Halfhide

SCM Consulting Partner

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